Immunity Booster


SHIVA S-liv ds


Double Strength Liver Tonic

An Ayurvedic Liver Tonic with Desire Strength 

Shiva S-liv DS is a nutraceutical liver enhancement that upholds a sound liver capacity. These natural fixings diminish the danger of liver cell damage and further encourage liver cell recovery. With this healed liver, there are upgrades in digestion and lipid levels, which ensure against weight gain and heart issues. 

Shiva S-Liv Ds helps liver heal and fight off issues like:



How Long Should i take this?

You should will start experiencing results within one month of daily use, though it is recommended to be taken for another two months for lasting effects and to prevent the issue from rising again. 

What precautions should i take?

For best results avoid consumption of alcohol, sugary and fried foods.

Is this product vegetarian?

Yes this product is 100% plant based.

Does this have any side effects?

The formulation is completely plant based and contains no allergens such as nuts or gluten, therefore research has shown no major side effects.

what is this recommended dosage?

It is recommended that you take Twice a day with water, you might tweak the dosage as you find suitable after a while.